At Emily's Paws on Tours we are focused on providing the highest quality of professional dog walking services with full customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet, and hopefully exceed, your expectations.


When we do go away, we rely on others to look after our animals but as a petowner
our pets are very much part of our family and we take our dog on days out and holidays whenever possible. Sometimes we are restricted by the amount of time we can be out for the day because we have to get back for our dogs.  It would be lovely to know that someone would pop in part way through the day to check on them and take them for a walk, or just give them some company., I appreciate that they are happier and more relaxed staying in their own environment.

It is to this end that I can offer the services that I have so needed in the past. 

With a variety of personalised services to suit you and your pet we are sure you’ll be 100% satisfied with our loyal and comprehensive service. Please look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. 


We are a passionate, friendly and reliable dog walking service. We are based in Totton covering a large area in New Forest ( Calmore, Totton, Ashurst, Bartley, Lyndhurst, Hythe, Dibden, Dibden Purlieu and Fawley.


Our company is all about providing a high quality service, that our customers can rely on and trust that their loved pets are in the safest hands possible. No day will be the same, with hours and hours of beautiful new forest walk to go on. Your dog will enjoy splashing around in water, chasing other dogs on group walks, playing fetch and sniffing their surroundings in all weather conditions, like dogs should! 


Being dog owner's ourselves, we know how important it is for us to give our pets the best lives possible, and while owners have to work we know the fun does not have to stop for our furry friends. One of our main company values is to treat our client’s dogs with the same devotion, care and love that we provide our own with.


Our role is to support our fellow animal lovers out there, by ensuring you have a flexible, reliable service that suits your busy working lifestyle.


With our service you can leave your home with confidence and knowledge, that your four legged friend is going to have a fabulous day, and be returned home to you in the same condition when you left them. We take all our own towels on every walk to dry them off, always have water with us and as we are trained in pet first aid, we always carry first aid kits with us.


Emily's Paws on Tours feels it’s highly important when meeting our clients for the first time, to know as much as possible about their pets, so we can make sure they get the best experience possible. Part of our service would be a free consultation, to sit down and get to know all of our client’s and pet’s needs.


Trained in Pet First Aid | Fully Licensed | Fully Insured | CRB Checked | DEFRA Licensed







Dog Walking

Every dog owner will know that dogs need regular exercise and that their well-being, health and happiness benefits massively from this. 
We will collect your dogs from home and take them with other friendly dogs. (Approximately 4 dogs per walk) we have many different walking routes that we take your dogs to, this is to keep it fun and interesting for them and to provide variety and new smells. 

As part of our service, we offer a free consultation to discuss your pets’ needs and individual requirements. We only walk our dogs on routes that are recommended to us by the council and forestry commission.  The safety of our dogs is key on all our walks which is why we walk them in safe areas away from main roads. We supply Emily's Paws on Tours dog tags which all our dogs wear when out walking as a safety measure, so if they do stray during a walk others walkers will see that your pet is with Emily's Paws on Tours.

We will only ever provide a service that our clients are happy with, so if you prefer you dog to stay on the lead that is no problem, we would only ever take them off lead with consent from their owner. We will walk dogs with the walking equipment provided by their owner, for example, muzzles, figure of eights, harnesses and halters.

Our group walks are based on social temperament, characteristics and size this way we can be confident that our dogs will have happy and fun group walks.



1 hour lunchtime walk is £12 and £8 for each additional dog


Solo walks are £17.50 per dog, per hour.



Day Care

Here at Emily's Paws on Tours we understand that in this modern day dog owners have busy lifestyles, and find themselves worrying that they are not going to have enough time to provide their dogs with exercise, love and attention. We believe that having a busy lifestyle should not stop you from being able to provide a happy, warm loving home for a dog. With our day care service we can provide your dog with a full day of company, attention, fun and plenty of outdoor activities.


 We have full insurance cover and we are first aid trained so your dog will be in safe hands. We are aware that all dogs have different needs, such has dietary requirements, being walked on and off lead, bedding arrangements etc. Size is not an issue, all happy friendly dogs are welcome. We would always meet you and your pet beforehand so that you and your dog can get to know us, and have a good understanding and be comfortable with the service we offer.




From £20.00 per day. £15.00 for each additional dog.



We offer a range of Dog Grooming services through our sister company Emily's Dolly Dog Grooming. Click here for more information


Frequently Asked Questions


Emily is a confident, professional woman who clearly loves animals and her job. She is very trustworthy and honest, and will always do whatever she can do to help.  Last minute requests to walk the dog are never too much trouble. Emily goes the extra mile to help her clients.  I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone. On top of this her prices are very reasonable and she is a lovely lady.


Will I meet the person walking my dogs?

Yes, we will arrange to meet at your home for a free consultation with you and your pet(s).We will explain our service, answer any questions you have and show you our availability. If you are happy to proceed, you will then complete all the necessary documentation and sign a service agreement.


How much do you charge?

Please see our services page for a breakdown of our costs.


How can I pay?

Payment is the last Wednesday of every month. Payment can be made using BACS or Cash.


Do you charge a cancellation fee?

Unlike most of our competitors, we do not charge a cancellation fee. We appreciate as much notice that you can give if you need to cancel.

What areas do you cover?

We are based in Nursling covering a large area in New Forest. These include but are not limited to Calmore, Totton, Ashurst, Marchwood, Hythe, Dibden, Nursling.


Are you insured?

Yes. We are fully insured and happy to provide a copy of the insurance certificate if requested.


Are you first aid trained?

We are fully trained in Pet First Aid. We also carry our first aid box on our person on each dog walk. We have a backup kit in our vehicle for visits. We are happy to provide a copy of the Pet First Aid certificate if requested.


Have you been police checked?

We are fully police checked. We will show you our report if requested.


How many dogs do you walk at a time?

We walk a maximum of five dogs on each walk, per person. This ensures they have our full attention and remain safe at all times. If you would prefer your dog walked on its own we can also offer solo/individual walks.


Do you walk dogs off the lead?

Yes, with your written consent, and only in safe areas away from roads and other dangers. We also need to be confident that they will return when called. If you are concerned about your dog’s ability to obey a recall, we will keep them on a lead.


Will you walk my dogs regardless of weather conditions?

Yes, regular exercise is vital for your dog’s health and well-being. For this reason, we walk in all weathers, so you can be confident that your dog won’t miss its walk – rain, hail, snow or shine. When we've finished our walk, we’ll make sure his/her coat and paws are towelled down and that he/she has plenty of fresh tasty food to eat (if required) and water to drink prior to us leaving!


Does my pet need to be fully vaccinated and vet registered?

Yes, we are only able to take on pets that are vet registered and up to date with their vaccinations. We will record your vet’s details in our database and ask you to leave an emergency contact number in the unlikely event there’s a medical problem. We also require all vaccinations to be up to date (puppy home visits excepted).


My dog can only be walked solo, is this possible?

Sadly we do not offer solo walks

What happens in the event of an emergency?

In the unlikely event of an emergency, we will inform you immediately. If we are unable to get in touch with you, we will then proceed to reach whomever you have allocated as an emergency contact. If your pet requires veterinary attention, we will transport it to your allocated vet or the nearest veterinary surgery, depending on the degree of urgency.




Monday 9am - 6pm

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Wednesday 9am - 6pm

Thursday 9am - 8pm

Friday 9am - 6pm

Saturday CLOSED


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Located near David Loyd in Nursling we are conveniently located with good access roads. Free Parking is available..


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